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How to Clean a Fish Tank

Today is Sunday and this is the time that I should clean my fish tank. I see to it that my fish tanks water is clean and this is done on a regular basis so as to keep my cichlids healthy and vibrant in color.

How to clean a fish tank?

First and foremost cleaning a fish tank is tedious depending on the size of the tank, the number of fishes that dwells in it and the condition of the water.

As for my cleaning regiment, I would first clean the inside of the tank by wiping or scrapping algae using a scrapping pad or a regular towel. Once it is done, I would remove the rocks, artificial plants and the filter as well, putting them in another bucket of water. After the accessories are removed, It is time to get a siphon or vacuum to clean the substrate of the tank, siphoning the feces and uneaten fish foods.

Water change is crucial to any fish tank, the filling of water depends on how frequent you clean your tank and the condition and clarity of the water. Lets say, you clean your tank in a weekly basis so water change is about twenty to thirty percent, but if you clean your tank in a bi-monthly basis most often water change is about forty to sixty percent. The water should be free from chlorine for this may cause poisoning and death to your fish. Thus, water from faucet should be treated or the simplest way is to let it stay over night for chlorine to evaporate before using.

We have cleaned the fish tank within, now it's time to clean the accessories. Remember The artificial plants, rocks and filter that we have set aside, cleaning this things is as easy as one, two, three. We all know that anything that is submerge in water would most likely or will develop algae as days pass. Thus cleaning them is a must, the rocks must be scrubbed without the use of any soap this goes with the artificial plants. For the filter all you have to do is rinse, again without any soap for soap is lethal to any fish and could cause its death.

We have cleaned the interior and the next question is how to clean a fish tank from without. The aquarium should be wiped with a damp cloth or a glass cleaner but be very cautious not to dip the cloth into to the tank for this may poison you fish. Check busted fluorescent bulbs and replace it with any new ones and be very careful in replacing for you might be electrocuted.

We have cleaned our fish tank and our cichlids are in tip top shape, vibrant in color and very active.

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