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Decorating Treatments for Country Windows

    Ruffled Curtains

    • Add some ruffled curtains to the windows for a country style treatment. Using a mid-weight cotton fabric works best for these. You don't need to line country ruffled curtains. Make a straight panel curtain, and add a ruffled edge along the inside edge of the curtain. To make it a little more decorative, cut the bottom edge of the curtain into a curve, and follow the edge of the curtain to make the bottom edge ruffled as well. Fabric prints that work well for ruffled curtains include gingham and calicoes.


    • Lace is a simple type of window treatment that gives your windows a country look. Lace comes in a variety of styles and colors. If you want to make your own lace curtains, choose from short lace that will make a valance or longer lace to completely cover the windows. You can also use lace in conjunction with existing curtains. If you have tie-back curtains, lace works well to enhance the privacy of the room when hung behind the curtains.

    Cafe Style

    • Cafe style curtains are another design that works well in country decorating. Here again, use a mid-weight cotton fabric in a variety of prints. Cafe curtains are actually made from a set. One part of the set is a short valance for the top of the curtain, and the bottom half is a curtain that covers the entire bottom half of the window. Depending on what type of fabric prints you use, cafe curtains can work well with a French country style, especially when using white and blue floral prints.


    • If you do not want to spend a lot of time sewing country style window treatments, hang handkerchiefs. Purchase large handkerchiefs, and drape them over the curtain rod. Arrange the handkerchiefs so that they hang even along the bottom, or hang them so that they come to a point in the front for something different. Add a decorative curtain rod with country style finials. Look for handkerchiefs at yard sales and thrift stores.

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