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How to Decorate Corner Rooms With a Window

    • 1). Refrain from placing furniture against the window itself. Rather, place furniture around the window, such as a comfortable chair and footstool perpendicular to the window. Add a small table next to the outside of the chair for placing books, magazines and a coaster or two for drinks. Add a small area rug.

    • 2). Use tall, thin shelving pieces specifically designed to fit into corners. Set them in two corners of the room. Such pieces often have a triangular design for easy fitting. Use one shelving unit for housing favorite photos, the other for knickknacks and collections or any other items you would like to display.

    • 3). Place a desk, table or small couch in between the two shelving units, depending on the use of the room. Use a futon or daybed as the couch in a guest room. Flank the furniture with a floor lamp and a tall floor plant, such as a palm tree.

    • 4). Hang appropriate curtains or blinds in the window that fit with the decor of the room. For example, look for curtains made of rich materials, such as velvet, for corner rooms featuring antique furniture and opulent fabrics or bamboo blinds for rooms with a more casual, earthy feel.

    • 5). Add a few fluffy area rugs to a carpeted room for an extra-plush feel or use oriental area rugs for rooms with hardwood flooring.

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