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Decorating Ideas for a Baby Girl Nursery

    Focus on a Favorite Book

    • Use the colors, characters or images from a beloved children's book to design a sweet nursery theme. For example, create a mural, select crib bedding and choose window treatments, toys and decorative accents that will turn the room into the Hundred Acre Wood from the classic Winnie the Pooh books. You can also choose a favorite page from a popular book and recreate the moment with wall hangings, toys and mobile accents that capture the scene.

    Showcase a Name

    • Focus the baby girl nursery on the meaning and origin of her name. Hang fabric, wood, foam or decorated chipboard letters that spell her name beside the crib or above the door. Find the historical meaning of the girl's first name in a baby name book and then choose bedding colors and accent designs that reflect the definition. If she is the namesake of a relative or someone famous, consider placing a photo of the person in the nursery as a reminder of the connection.

    Make a Nursery for a Princess

    • Create a magical room around a girl nursery theme fit for a princess. Decorate in shades of pink, white and lavender. Adorn the walls with painted, fabric or peel-and-stick images of a castle, carriage and kingdom. Choose accents like picture frames or lighting fixtures that incorporate faux gems for additional sparkle. Generate an ethereal look with airy tulle or lace curtains.

    Use a Catch Phrase

    • Design the baby's room around a saying often used to describe little girls. For example, choose accents for a theme like "cute as a bug." Create a trail of whimsical fabric or painted ladybugs leading from the door to the crib. Choose bedding that features adorable baby bugs, flowers or leaves and place cute bug or flower stuffed animals throughout the room.

    Decorate with a Stylish Motif

    • Choosing one of the baby girl nursery ideas with a classic pattern will most easily allow you to leave the decor unchanged through the childhood years. Consider a pastel flower pattern for the bedding and walls, along with an area rug and decorative accents to match. A basic design like polka dots in varying sizes, stripes or a pretty plaid in soft colors will also stand the test of time.

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