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How to Repair Chipped Board for Bedroom Furniture

    • 1). Put old newspaper on the floor to protect from wood dust. Unscrew the headboard from the back of the bed with an electric screwdriver. Lay the headboard, with the chipped side up, on top of the newspaper. Transport furniture containing the chipped board to a work area, if other than a headboard. Make sure there is plenty of room to work. Cover remaining pieces of furniture with plastic drop cloths, so that they remain dust free. Open up windows for proper ventilation and seal off air ducts, so that no wood dust circulates through the vents.

    • 2). Sand the chipped section of board with an electric sander. If the board is less than an inch thick, use 320-grit sandpaper. Put on disposable plastic gloves before using sandpaper by hand. Look over the sanded section and re-sand so that the newly sanded part matches the level of the un-sanded part. Sand the whole surface of board, if necessary. Sand in the direction of the grain, and remove wood dust with a clean paint brush.

    • 3). Go over chipped sections of board with wood filler to even out the chipped areas that are not too deep. Let the wood filler dry. Use small scrap pieces of wood to fill in the chipped sections. Measure the chipped area and fill it in with a small piece of wood. Sand the wood down if necessary to fit into the chipped space, and glue it in place with carpenter's wood glue. Allow both filler and wood glue to dry overnight.

    • 4). Sand the area lightly the next day with 150-grit sandpaper by hand. Sand in the direction of the grain, lightly enough to remove any excess glue and to even out the wood. Remove wood dust with a clean paintbrush.

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