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    • Create a portfolio of photo clippings that best represent your ideal designs for your particular space. If you are looking to design several rooms, subdivide your binder by each room and begin clipping pages from magazines or printing off pages from websites with furniture, flooring or other elements you like and might want to incorporate in your room. You can place the swatches inside of clear plastic sheets. Remember to think about the function as well as the aesthetics of your room.

      An office space must be functional as should a play room for toddlers. For an office, consider where office equipment should be placed in relationship to outlets as well as ways to hide wires and cords. For a play room, along with your other design ideas, address safety and convenience issues. For example, determine if your child can reach a toy on a shelf (if shelves are a part of your design) and whether they properly fastened to walls so that a child can't turn them over by pulling or climbing on them. Make sure that the electrical outlets in the room are covered to protect the child from shock hazards.


    • Sketch your designs in a sketchbook and add color using colored pencils. You can also use a program like Google SketchUp to play with design ideas. With this program, you create your room, add elements like furniture, change textures and colors, move the elements around the room, and finally print out the design for shopping.

    Use of Space

    • Use space wisely. Because you are working with a small space doesn't mean your design choices must be restricted to boring or basic. While you should take measurements and consider the space, by using smaller furniture pieces and other tricks to fool the eye, you can make a room seem more spacious that it is. White walls will make your small space appear larger, but if you want to create a more intimate space consider darker paint shades.

      Also, don't be afraid to veer off the well worn path if you love a piece of furniture or art. If you are taken with a sculpture or painting but wonder if it really "works" with your room, keep in mind that what makes a space uniquely yours is your own personal taste. Another concept to consider is Feng shui, an Asian practice that believes that by changing your living space you can achieve a feeling of renewal and allow yourself to see life from a new perspective.

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