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How to Use Colors for Homebrew on the DSI

    • 1). Insert the cartridge with “Colors” on it into your Nintendo DSi portable gaming console.

    • 2). Turn on your DSi and select “Applications,” then “Colors.” “Colors” is divided into two sections. The top screen shows button functions and instructions. The bottom screen is where you will draw your pictures.

    • 3). Press “Up” on the directional pad to zoom in, press “Down” on the directional pad to zoom out.

    • 4). Press “Right” on the directional pad to fill in an outlined area with color. Press and hold “Left” on the directional pad, then press the stylus to the drawing screen. The image will move with your stylus as long as you have “Left” held down.

    • 5). Press and hold down the L2 trigger button. A color wheel will appear on the bottom screen. Press the stylus to the color wheel and slide it around. A circle will appear and move around the color wheel. This will determine the color hue when you draw with the stylus.

    • 6). Move the slider on the right side both up and down. The slider determines the opacity of your colors and allows you to add subtle shading.

    • 7). Press the stylus to one of the two circles located immediately to the left of the color wheel. The first circle is for a hard brush while the second circle is for a soft brush. The hard brush will create thinner lines while the soft brush will create wider ones.

    • 8). Use the color wheel to create paintings and drawings on “Colors.”

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