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How to Make Batting for Fabric Headboards

    • 1). Measure the plywood piece you will use for the headboard.

    • 2). Cut four layers of quilt batting that exactly match the plywood piece measurements. Cut two additional quilt batting layers that are 6 inches longer and wider than the plywood.

    • 3). Cut a piece of fabric that matches the larger rectangles of batting.

    • 4). Iron the fabric rectangle to ensure it is wrinkle-free.

    • 5). Place the fabric on a flat work surface with the wrong side facing up. Place the two larger batting rectangles over the fabric, aligning the corners and edges. Center the four smaller batting rectangles on the larger batting pieces.

    • 6). Lay the plywood piece on top of the small batting pieces, aligning it precisely so the edges of the batting and plywood line up.

    • 7). Pull the fabric and the larger batting pieces around to the back of the plywood along one long edge and begin stapling the fabric and batting to the plywood. Space the staples about every two inches along the plywood. Check the front of the headboard to ensure the fabric looks neat, then repeat the same process on the other long edge, pulling the fabric and batting taut to make a tight cover across the surface of the plywood. Staple the corners to make them look neat, checking the front of the headboard as you staple.

    • 8). Pull the fabric and batting around to the back of the plywood on a remaining short edge and staple it in the same fashion. Repeat the same process on the remaining edge, pulling the fabric taut.

    • 9). Cut a rectangle from the cotton fabric about 2 inches shorter in length and width. Position this fabric over the back of the headboard, centering it. Fold under the edges of the fabric 1/2 inch and begin stapling the fabric to the plywood to cover the edges of the front fabric and batting.

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