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How to Make Your Own Outlet Cover With Fabric

    • 1). Paint the rectangle of fabric with the fabric stiffening paint and the brush, applying it liberally, and allowing it to dry thoroughly according to the manufacturer's directions.

    • 2). Lay the stiffened rectangle of fabric right over the top of the outlet cover, and mark an "X" with the fabric pencil where the holes need to be for the outlets. Cut out each "X" with the sharp craft knife.

    • 3). Fold the flaps of each "X" around the holes in the outlet cover and glue them down on the inside using the hot glue. Press a ribbon of hot glue from the gun around the entire inside edge of the outlet cover, smoothing the fabric into it and pressing down until the glue cools.

    • 4). Use the edge of the craft knife's blade to create a tiny hole where the screw needs to go and push the screw through the hole. The screw will push the excess fabric to the inside of the outlet cover. When the glue is completely cool and dry, screw the outlet cover into the wall.

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