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Maggots in the Home


    • There are as many types of maggots as there are flies. The most common kind is the calliphorid maggot, which is the larva of the blow fly. They tend to be about a half inch in length and are usually white or cream colored. The head is usually tapered with a wider body. Every kind of maggot has a specific type of spiracle, or breathing organ, at the back of the body, which is used to identify different species.


    • Maggots prefer moist, warm conditions with high humidity, although some types prefer cooler conditions. They are typically drawn to decaying food sources, dead animals and decaying organic matter.


    • Prevent maggot infestations with regular cleaning and sanitation, particularly of kitchen areas. Remove trash from the home on a daily basis, especially if the trash contains rotting food. Keep doors and windows closed and make sure all door sealing is intact. To eliminate an existing maggot problem, use an insecticide and eliminate the food source.

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