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Memory Foam Topper Cleaning

    The Process

    • To clean a memory foam mattress topper, or by extension a full memory foam mattress, you will need to obtain a few supplies beyond the normal soap and water or washing machine. First you should use a standard vacuum to clean the surface of the memory foam. This will remove any loose dirt and grime and keep it from getting soaked and rubbed into the material as you wash it.

      Then you'll need to move the foam to a bathtub or shower area where it can be made wet. You can do this outside if there's a hose nearby, but if you choose this route you must exercise caution to avoid getting the foam even dirtier out in the elements.

      To clean the necessary areas of the foam, use a solution of 1 part fabric cleaner to 2 parts water for this stage. You can get any number of brands of standard fabric cleaner at most grocery stores. Be sure to get actual cleaner and not just fabric deodorizer, which will smell nice but doesn't have the cleaning chemicals you will need. An empty spray bottle can come in handy for coating the foam in this cleaning mixture, as you want to saturate the surface fairly well. It doesn't need to be dripping with cleaner, but you want to apply more than just a dab.

      Allow this mixture to set in for about 30 minutes, and then wash the foam with cold water. This won't be the last time you wash the foam, so don't worry about spraying every inch. Do give the entire thing a good spray to remove most of the soaked-in cleaner. Remove the excess water by folding over and pushing down on the memory foam topper. Don't twist, wring or otherwise harshly manipulate the foam in an attempt to dry it, as this can cause wet memory foam to shred and tear. Instead gently fold it over on itself and push down to force out most of the excess moisture. There's no way you'll completely dry it this way, instead you just want to make sure it isn't dripping wet anymore.

      Then, prepare a mixture of 1 part distilled vinegar to 4 parts water and spray the foam with this just as you did with the cleaning mixture. There is no need to wait for the vinegar mixture to soak in this time. Instead, re-rinse the foam with water just as before, and again dry it some by folding and pressing. Now you must allow the foam ample time to dry. You can assist this process with a hair dryer on low, but doing this runs the risk of damaging the foam. Air-drying is the safest method, but be warned; it will take some time. Memory foam is extremely dense, so count on waiting a full 24 hours. After it is dry you can be sure it is cleaned, deodorized and ready for use again.

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