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Victorian Gothic House Styles

    Time Period

    • Established in the 1840s, Victorian Gothic houses reached the height of their popularity between 1860 and 1900.

    Building Materials

    • Victorian home builders used wood, brick or stone to construct their buildings. Fieldstone, clapboard, fancy shingles and cast and decorative terra-cotta tiles embellished homes.

    House Colors

    • Many Victorian homeowners enjoyed dark, rich jewel-tone colors such as red, blue, green, violet or gray. Owners of Federal, Classical or Greek revival style homes preferred light, pastel colors such as white, off-white or pale yellow.

    Architectural Features

    • Features often seen in Victorian Gothic houses include elaborate carved and turned balusters and railings, repetition of columns on porches, pointed arches, grouped chimneys, steep hipped roofs and dominant polygonal or cylindrical towers.

    Accessories and Trims

    • Elaborate fretwork adorned many Victorian houses, especially the Victorian Gothic stick and Queen Anne styles. Stained glass windows added color, warmth and light to the buildings.

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